YMCA MK Body Confidence Report

13 May 2019

Today’s the first day of Mental Health Awareness Week.  With this year’s focus on body image, we’ve written an exclusive report, ‘The Curate Escape’. It investigates young people’s body confidence and their relationship with social media.

Now more than ever, young people have to navigate a world that bombards them with messages about how they should look.

In many cases the pressure young people feel to look their best in online pictures and videos is an extension of their every day insecurities. When coupled with filters and acceptance through ‘likes’ or ‘followers’, social media provides young people with a focal point for their insecurities.

Our ‘Curate Escape’ report examines how these insecurities manifest themselves through the content young people post on social media, and what can be done to help ease the pressures they face and help them gain body confidence.