Job Purpose

As Director of People Services you will have responsibility for service delivery to our residents and any other young people who are our clients.    You will be responsible for working with the CEO to determine strategic direction; with the Director of Development to identify funding needs; and with the Facilities Manager to ensure that the YMCA Milton Keynes environment remains an appealing place for young people to live.

You will ensure that our housing services are managed as effectively as possible so that we:

  • Offer the best possible environment as a home to our young people
  • Safeguard resident safety
  • Maintain our properties in the best possible state of repair
  • Minimise anti-social behaviour disturbances
  • Maximise organisational income through effective management of rental income.

You will also ensure that our service is as inspirational as it can be for young people.  You will lead a staff team to deliver the best possible supported housing service to young people in Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire.  You will ensure that:

  • Our service delivery reflects best practice
  • Our staff team are trained to the highest possible standard so that they are effective in working with all young people, and particularly with young people who might need additional support due to vulnerabilities
  • We are responsive to our young people’s emotional needs and that our service delivery is psychologically informed
  • Our team offer the best possible opportunity to our residents and other service users to identify, pursue and achieve goals so that we support all of our young people to belong, contribute and thrive.

1. Strategic Leadership

  • Work closely with the CEO to identify themes to be pursued through our service delivery, for instance developing mental health support to residents or improving employment support to young people
  • Keep abreast of latest trends in service delivery and best practice elsewhere, including attending networking events and conferences and maintaining professional membership of, and engagement with organisations such as: wider YMCA movement, Foyer Federation, Homeless Link
  • Work with management team to build and develop relationships with partner agencies, include local businesses, to support the resident programme – particularly with regard to employment opportunities
  • Identify service development needs and work with the Business Development Director to fund and create service developments
  • Ensure that requirements of funding bodies and/or commissioners are met
  • Attend Board meetings as required and act as the executive lead with the Board on service delivery matters

2. Operational Leadership

  • Ensure that service delivery is responsive to young people’s needs
  • Ensure that YMCA MK services are delivered in as professional and friendly a manner as possible and that clear and understandable language is used at all times
  • Ensure that suitable housing management skills are developed and retained within the team
  • Utilise volunteering from individuals and organisations to improve skills and experience of service delivery team
  • Ensure that adequate feedback mechanisms are in place and are responded to – including the complaints procedure
  • Ensure that residents’ complaints are recorded, monitored, and actioned effectively and that any suitable business changes are made as a result
  • Ensure that services are adequately staffed at all times and be prepared to cover for staff absences where necessary

3. Housing Support

  • Ensure that the YMCA MK housing ‘pathway’ operates effectively with individualized goal-setting at each stage
  • Ensure that all residents have suitably developed independent living skills (budgeting, managing a tenancy, cooking etc).
  • Ensure that YMCA MK programmes address residents physical and mental health and wellbeing
  • Ensure that all residents of YMCA MK are supported to achieve numeracy and literacy qualifications where these are lacking
  • Ensure that all YMCA MK residents are supported as effectively as possible to secure suitable and sustainable long-term employment
  • Ensure that activities and events are provided that make YMCA MK a fun and interesting place for young people to live
  • Act as Safeguarding lead for the organization and ensure that safeguarding policies, procedures and practices are reviewed at regular intervals and incidents are responded to appropriately and recorded and reported accurately
  • Ensure that effective needs and risk assessments are conducted in a way that is friendly and does not create an institutional feel
  • Ensure that Social Impact Measures are recorded and reported effectively

4. House Management

  • Ensure that the housing application, move-in, and induction process creates the best first impression of YMCA MK
  • Ensure that void properties are re-let as soon as possible and that void times are minimized
  • Ensure that rent management processes are effective to reduce income loss through rent arrears, whilst minimizing evictions
  • Ensure that former tenant arrears are pursued effectively
  • Ensure that instances of anti-social behavior are managed effectively to minimize further occurrences and to ensure that our YMCA remains a home of choice for young people
  • Ensure that all residents are provided with adequate support to find suitable move-on accommodation
  • Ensure that Housing Management KPIs are recorded and reported appropriately

5.   Staff Support

  • Ensure that a thorough staff training programme is developed and implemented to provide regular and ongoing staff development particularly relating to the psychology of working with young people
  • Ensure that staff receive appropriate support with their wellbeing so that all members of the team remain motivated
  • Ensure that extreme incidents are responded to appropriately – that individuals concerned are given adequate support – and that issues are escalated or reported to CEO and the Board as appropriate
  • Ensure that effective professional boundaries are communicated to staff and volunteers and understood and monitored
  • Ensure that staff Supervision and Appraisals are completed regularly

6.   General and Other Duties

  • Deputize for the CEO as required
  • Provide out-of-hours / on-call cover as required
  • The post holder will be required to work outside of standard business hours on occasion
  • Ensure all policies and activity complies with charity, Homes England and other relevant legislation
  • Such other duties, which the Chief Executive may from time to time require
  • It is essential that the post holder maintains confidentiality at all times
  • The YMCA is a Christian movement which seeks to express faith through practical activity. The post holder must be faithful to our Christian values and provide a regular range of programmes that give opportunities for the development of people in body, mind and spirit.