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YMCA Ambassadors

Sophie Neal

Milton Keynes Food and Lifestyle Blogger

I am so proud to be an Ambassador for YMCA MK and use my platforms to raise awareness of the work they do. Young people are the future. If we don’t support the most vulnerable young people, what does the future hold for the City of Milton Keynes?

For me, supporting the YMCA is about protecting the future of our young people and our community.


Ryan Peters

CEO Brioche Pasquier

YMCA MK plays a significant role in the local community by providing various programs and services aimed at improving the lives of individuals. Typically focusing on youth development, empowerment and social responsibility, something I feel is important as we shape the future generations.

It is a privilege to be able to give a little back, supporting the amazingly dedicated team at YMCA MK to help change lives.


Ronnie Kimbell

Fundraising Consultant and Mentor

I always come away feeling uplifted from the YMCA.  It is  a real pleasure to volunteer for them, they  are such a dedicated team doing very important work in the community!