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Support & Advice

A safe place to talk and get help through guided groups, mentoring, counselling, and mental health services.

YMCA MK offers more than just a physical home. Our holistic approach ensures that our residents can access a wide range of support to meet their personal needs. Our highly trained staff guide residents through our pathway of support, ensuring that by the time they move on, our young people have the tools and resources that they need to thrive.  

If you are in urgent need of help, contact Milton Keynes Council by calling 01908 691691 for emergency information and advice. 



Support Sessions

When a young person arrives at YMCA MK, they are assigned a dedicated staff contact. The staff member will support the resident throughout the duration of their stay. Residents living in our Supported accommodation will receive weekly support sessions, while residents living in Independent accommodation might have check-in sessions from time to time. Regardless of the level of support needed, our staff are passionate about helping young people to set goals and fulfil their potential.

Mental Wellbeing

Many of the young people who come to us have experienced trauma and have nowhere left to turn. This can have a huge impact on their mental wellbeing.

Our campus has its own Wellbeing Suite, which provides our residents with the opportunity to access on-site counselling. Provided by YIS Young People’s Mental Health, our residents can speak to qualified professionals who are experienced in supporting young people in a safe and welcoming environment. 

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Independent Living Skills

Our Independent Living Skills programme is completed by residents living in our Supported accommodation. By completing the course, our residents gain the practical day-to-day skills needed to live independently. Topics covered include nutrition and how to prepare food, personal hygiene and how to budget money.  


Activity Programme

We run a weekly programme of physical and therapeutic-based activity sessions. By offering a range of inclusive group activities for a variety of interests, we can help our residents grow in confidence in a supportive environment. Whether it be yoga, running, playing football, music sessions or creative art workshops, we want our residents to have the opportunity to build interpersonal skills and grow within our community. All activities are chosen based on the skills our residents need to develop in order to help them work towards and achieve their career goals.