YMCA Sleep Easy

27 March 2019

50 brave and hardy souls slept rough outside intuMK on the 8th March to raise money for the new YMCA campus that will house 199 local young people from September.

Armed with sleeping bags, pillows and as many items from their wardrobe as they could possibly get on, Team YMCA Sleep Easy kicked-off the night by building their shelters from cardboard boxes, kindly donated by Storage King MK. Congratulations to Arran Topham who won the prize for the best Sleep Easy shelter.

Everyone enjoyed the camp fire singsong and the amazing food that was cooked with love by DreamSAI MK. This definitely helped keep everyone warm and in good spirits.

Before Team YMCA Sleep Easy bedded down for the night, they watched a screening of Owain Astles’ ‘Sleeping Rough’ film, a documentary focusing on the lives of three young people who found themselves homeless and their struggle to survive on the streets.

Finally, everyone took themselves off to their cardboard shelters at around midnight and tried to get some sleep. The cold, wind and noise from people walking past made it difficult, however most managed to get 1- or 2-hours sleep.

By 7am everyone was packing their boxes away and loading up ready to go home. Some members of Team YMCA Sleep Easy took left over snacks and sleeping bags to the homeless people sleeping in the nearby underpasses and their reaction will stay with us; “Normally we’re invisible” they said!

By sleeping rough for one night, Team YMCA Sleep Easy 2019 has raised an amazing £7,000 and more money is still coming in.

Thank you to everyone who participated in YMCA MK Sleep Easy this year. Not only have you raised an amazing amount of money, you’ve helped raise awareness of the youth homelessness issue right here in MK. YMCA MK is working hard to bring positive change for our local young people, and you’ve played a big part in that. Thank you!

Thank you to all the local businesses who helped and donated towards the Sleep Easy. A special shout-out to Storage King MK, Tesco Kingston, Starbucks, FixYaBelly and B&Q for your kind donations.

If you’d like to donate, visit: www.localgiving.org/charity/MKYMCA/project/SLEEPEASY19