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STEP-ON Resident Activities Programme

April 3, 2016

While residents are living at MK YMCA we support them to belong, contribute and thrive.  We do this because we believe that to be happy, people need to have meaning, purpose and a sense of competence and achievement in their lives as well as feeling part of a wider community.   We therefore provide an activity programme called STEP-ON that is varied, challenging and fun.   STEP-ON is designed to develop independent living skills; confidence, self-esteem and motivation and employment skills, as well as to be fun.

Below are just a few pictures from the D.I.Y workshop

The residents have the opportunity to learn new DIY Skills, using the correct equipment, preparing themselves properly for the task in hand, being given hands on experience of trying it out for themselves with expert supervision.  Over the 6 week course our residents have learnt how to paint, assemble flat pack furniture, drilling techniques, tiling and work together as a team or as an individual.  This course has been hugely successful with our residents and Leaders Brian and Kevin have been thrilled to bits with the outcome.  Resident Gary Porter commented ‘ we can all learn new ways of doing DIY and learning with these guys was brilliant, thanks guys’.