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Step On – Activities

STEP-ON Resident Activities Programme

While you are living at MK YMCA we will support you to belong, contribute and thrive.  We do this because we believe that to be happy people need to have meaning and purpose and a sense of competence and achievement in their lives as well as feeling part of a wider community.  To support our residents fulfil these emotional needs we provide an activity programme that is varied, challenging and fun.  We call this activity programme STEP-ON.  STEP-ON is designed to develop independent living skills; confidence, self-esteem and motivation and employment skills, as well as to be fun.  If you are not currently in full-time employment then we expect you to participate in at least three activities per week although you may participate in more.  These activities are purely provided for your benefit.  Activities are displayed on our notice boards.  To find out more speak to your Housing Support Officer or our Resident Activity Managers.