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Over 10,000 people in Milton Keynes have come through our doors. Many of them have gone on to successful jobs, staying in their own property and to thrive in our local community.

We couldn’t support our young residents without your donations and ongoing support, so thank you!

Laquita’s Story

Laquita came to YMCA MK in 2017 after her relationship with her family broke down. She was sofa-surfing for a while and eventually came to YMCA MK for help.

Daniel’s Story

Daniel left his family home when his relationship with his brother broke down. He came to YMCA MK in a desperate situation and since has found work and his own place to live.

Lucy’s Story

Lucy ran away from foster care when she was 14 and ended up sofa-surfing and living on the streets. After 10 years of being homeless, she turned to YMCA MK to get her life back on track.

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