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New Campus

Exciting new redevelopment plans for new YMCA Campus for 2019

We are delighted to announce the submission of planning permission to redevelop our current premises for a purpose built YMCA for early 2019.

Milton Keynes YMCA New Campus Artists ImpressionBuilding

Artist impression


A supported housing project that will be best in class. a flagship project that combines the best elements from elsewhere, provides integrated living and training, and is an inspiring environment from which formerly homeless young people can prepare for a brighter future.
Our new building will have 50 more units, 196 in total with a single access point, with a tiered housing structure with residents moving through 3 stages of accommodation within the building.  Each stage will provide bigger and better accommodation and a different type of support.

Stage 1 is essentially a re-provision of our existing hostel with 30 rooms where new residents will stay for 3 – 6 months while we get to know them and support their Independent Living Skills – cooking, cleaning, budgeting, and managing a tenancy

Stage 2 will be shared accommodation in clusters of between 7 and 12 rooms with shared living room and kitchen.  Support at this stage will be focused on resident wellbeing – addressing issues of self confidence, esteem and motivation

Stage 3 will be self-contained Studios and 1-bed flats within the building.  In theory residents will have been supported to find employment by Stage 3 and support will be minimal.  Rents will be at 80% of the market rate for a similar property and in the range of £100 per week – so affordable to young people in low paid employment.

Our aim is to support all the young people who live in our building to leave us with a sense of wellbeing, suitable move-on accommodation and a job.
As residents move through the building their property gets bigger and better but rents actually reduce.  This is designed to incentivise employment.
As well as the accommodation, the ground floor of our building will have a series of social enterprises that will offer employment and training opportunities to our residents as well as other facilities.

These will include a nursery, café, shops, gym, dance studio, sports and community hall and income generated from these spaces will be used to fund our residential support programme. We expect our building to be vibrant and appealing to young people

The new YMCA building will be built on the site where our hostel and staff offices are currently located.
This is an enormous undertaking for YMCA Milton Keynes and will take all our resources and more.  However, we are doing so because we think a bold solution is needed to the housing crisis affecting so many young people in our city.

The result will be an outstanding facility to support young people in Milton Keynes who cannot find a home, and who need help to get their lives on track.