17 December 2020

Yesterday we celebrated and thanked Preston Ayres for his service to YMCA Milton Keynes. After a phenomenal 36 years as Treasurer, he stood down from this role at our AGM yesterday but will thankfully remain on the Board as a Trustee.

Such commitment could not go unacknowledged, so we were pleased to unveil the naming of one of our new conference rooms – The Preston Ayres Room.

Preston has shown a great deal of dedication throughout the years – overseeing the main financial matters at the charity – and was actively involved in the proposals to re-develop our Milton Keynes site, which we were fortunate to move into earlier this year.

Speaking about his time with the charity, Preston said: “I feel so privileged to have held the position of Treasurer of YMCA Milton Keynes since 1983 – a date long before all our current residents were born! During that period, I have been involved in YMCA Milton Keynes buying ownership of the original flats which in turn allowed us to build and open our amazing new campus. I am excited about how much more the team can now do for the young people of Milton Keynes.”

Chair of YMCA Milton Keynes, Cheryl Montgomery, added: “When I joined YMCA Milton Keynes as a Trustee, some 11 years ago, Preston had already established his reputation as a key contributor to the project. Over the years he has been a solid member of the Board. He has demonstrated calm judgment and continues to show his dedication to the charity, for which we are thankful.”

The role of Treasurer will be taken over by Laura Keen, who already sits on our Board.

Join our Board and share your skills!

We’d like to take this opportunity to invite new recruits to join our Finance Committee. If you have an interest or experience in finances and would like to support YMCA Milton Keynes as we maintain the viability of the charity, then please email Simon Green at simon@mkymca.com