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Corporate Partnerships

Partnering with YMCA MK will help make a lasting difference to the lives of young people in Milton Keynes. At the same time, it will enable your business to be visible at the heart of our local community. It could bring you tangible, lasting business benefits and enable you to build on your reputation as a socially responsible company.

Click on the link below to find out how your company could partner with YMCA MK.

Some of the benefits of partnering with YMCA MK include:

  • Helping lift young people out of homelessness and into employment
  • Achievement of your CSR objectives 
  • Improved brand reputation through a partnership with a nationally recognised charity
  • Digital coverage across our website and social media channels
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Meaningful volunteering opportunities
  • Enhanced brand reputation with customers, suppliers and the wider local community

Ways to get involved:

  • Charity of the Year partnership
  • Corporate donations
  • Payroll giving
  • Fundraising events
  • Pro-bono support

Support our Employability Programme:

  • Recruit from our pool of diverse young talent
  • Promote upcoming apprenticeships and/or training opportunities
  • Offer work placements to our residents who have an interest in your area of business
  • Provide expertise during ‘lunch and learn’ workshops with our young people on campus
  • Participate in YMCA MK career fairs to promote your sector/industry as a prospective career path for our residents
  • Support residents by providing bus passes, interview/work clothes and assisting with similar expenses that arise when applying for and starting a new role
What our Champions of Young People in MK say

“Bringing three YMCA residents into our team as trainees has been a great experience not only for them, but also for our staff. Their motivation and willingness to learn and be part of the company has been brilliant, as has the opportunity to pass on skills and teach people a new trade. I highly recommend offering training and development opportunities to young people. I would also like to thank the YMCA staff who have been incredibly supportive throughout.”

“The Holiday Inn Milton Keynes Central have recently partnered with YMCA MK to provide employment opportunities for any YMCA residents who may be interested in a career within hospitality.

“Recently, a number of YMCA residents attended a recruitment open day at the hotel where they were introduced to a number of different roles within the hotel, including reception, housekeeping, the health club, food and beverage and in maintenance.

“The immediate results have been very encouraging and two successful applicants are now in training to become permanent members of the team at the Holiday Inn Milton Keynes Central.”

What our Corporate Partners Say

“AFL Hyperscale’s Outreach Program consists of several initiatives all with the same goal – to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Community outreach is a fundamental part of AFL Hyperscale’s culture. When we reach out, we see our commitments come to life particularly in the lives of young adults within Milton Keynes, supporting them through the difficult times and helping YMCA where we can with any support.”

Jean Gowin, MK City Manager, CityFibre said: “CityFibre is delighted to be a corporate supporter of YMCA Milton Keynes, which is doing such amazing work here in the city. Our partnership enables us to work with YMCA in areas such as the Hospital Navigator Scheme, employment and career opportunities and fundraising events. As office neighbours an added bonus is that we also get to enjoy the HomeGround café too.”

“Having worked closely with YCMA Milton Keynes over a number of years, and more recently on their wonderful new building, we’re proud and thrilled to be a Corporate Partner and to support their vision, mission and values. The YMCA continues to have a positive social impact on Milton Keynes with the great work they do, which aligns with our commitment to support the growth of Milton Keynes.”

“John Lewis are delighted to be a Corporate Partner of YMCA Milton Keynes. We are so pleased to support local young people in Milton Keynes and ensure they have the opportunity to belong, contribute and thrive.”

Visit our campus to find out more about what we do and how your organisation can add value to the work we do with our residents.  

For more information email partnerships@mkymca.com or complete the form below.

Corporate Partnerships