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The Room Sponsor scheme is managed by YMCA England and Wales and payment will be taken by them on behalf of YMCA Milton Keynes. Any donation made on this page will go directly to YMCA Milton Keynes.

Sponsor a room and support a local young person to reach their potential.

Every year young people in Milton Keynes find themselves struggling to find the right support, options, and opportunities they need to fully realise their potential. This could be a safe place to call home or a positive adult role model who is committed to their success. In Milton Keynes alone over 2,000 young people are sofa-surfing. That’s where YMCA MK comes in.

As a room sponsor your regular donation will enable YMCA MK to provide so much more than just a room, we will provide practical, emotional and employment support to ensure residents go on to lead happy, healthy and independent lives.

Become a Room Sponsor

Resident story

Darcie came to YMCA MK after experiencing significant childhood trauma. Strained relationships with both her parents led to substance misuse and mental health issues and Darcie experienced street homelessness for several years.

YMCA MK were able to offer Darcie the help she so desperately needed. With the support of her Housing coach and the Employment team Darcie is determined to achieve her aspiration as a lorry driver.

How your support helps

As a room sponsor you can support YMCA Milton Keynes to ensure local young people have a safe place to call home and support services to help them thrive.

But changing a life full of challenges doesn’t happen overnight, so that’s why we need regular gifts from Room Sponsors to help people like Darcie.

Become a Room Sponsor

As a Room Sponsor you’ll get real, regular feedback from the young people who are turning their lives around, thanks to your regular donation. You’ll also receive a welcome pack and thank you gift.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does £12 a month pay for?

Your £12 will go towards:

  • Practical, emotional and employment support and advice for young people.
  • Life skills training for independent living which we call ‘Independent Living Skills’.
  • A varied programme of physical and therapeutic activities.
  • Mental Health Support for young people.

The true cost of a room and the additional support service which we offer to residents of YMCA MK, is more than £12 a month.

However, by having a community of committed supporters giving to us monthly, we will be able to plan better and do more to change the lives of vulnerable young people in Milton Keynes.

At YMCA MK, our aim is to give young people, the confidence, skills, and support to move belong, contribute and thrive.

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Are the stories on your website from ‘real’ young people you have helped?

Yes. By becoming a friend you’re helping young people who are living in our accommodation. Some young people choose to share their stories, but we only share stories of those who are comfortable with it and have given us their express permission. Many of our young people decide to share their life stories to help us generate more support for the charity. They also feel that by sharing their story they can reach more young people who may be going through similar situations and need to know how to find help.

In some cases, we may need to protect identities by using models and changing names. But all their stories are true. We don’t exaggerate their situations, we think their stories are powerful enough. No other details have been altered.

Read our resident stories

How long do young people stay at YMCA MK?

Our accommodation pathway is designed to last 3 years. As residents engage with our services and make progress they will move through the stages. On average over 100 young people move on successfully every year to independence. This then frees up space for another young person to start the journey to a better future.

What if I can’t afford to donate monthly?

The reason monthly donations are so valuable to us is that allows us to plan our services, based on a set income. However, all donations make a difference. We understand that not everyone is able to donate on a monthly basis therefore we also have the option to make a one-off donation. 

Thank you for your kind support.

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How can the company I work for support local young people?

We work with many local companies and are always very grateful for their support. There are many ways a company can support our work, from naming us as their ‘Charity of the Year’ to joining one of our corporate support networks.

If you would like to discuss an opportunity for corporate support, please email our Fundraising Manager, Lorraine Devereux at: lorraine.devereux@mkymca.com


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