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Carrie Counts Calories….and inspires others

November 21, 2016

It was only a few years ago that Carrie, now a resident of the YMCA MK, was homeless and living on the streets in Leighton Buzzard. A single mum of twins at 18 and the difficulties she faced seriously affected her self-esteem…. and her diet and well-being suffered as a result.
After having a heartfelt conversation with her parents and weighing in heavier than her dad!…she made a life changing decision to take control of her situation and embarked on a new healthy eating regime, determined to not only lose weight but to gain a fresh and healthier attitude to life.

Little did she know that her new found healthy eating plan would be such an inspiration to other people and residents at the YMCA. Carrie not only began to count calories but was also able to demonstrate that it was possible to maintain a healthy eating plan of fresh ingredients while on a low budget. Her biggest challenge was keeping the momentum and consistency on her own and in order to keep on track Carrie records her daily food intake and statistics in a daily journal. Her impressive results in such a short period of time speak for themselves:

Carrie in Aldi with the Fresh Fruit and Veg she says has helped improve her energy levels and torch the body fat.

                                     13/8/16         7/11/16
Weight:                   17 st 11 lbs        15 st
BMI:                        44.9                 38.7
Body Fat %:             75.3                 42.3
Water Content:         18.2                 42.1


Impressive results indeed but more impressive is that her energy levels are significantly higher, her confidence is far greater and she is now inspiring others to budget and include fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet.
Her zest for life has now spurred her on to set new goals and she will continue to monitor herself through her planning and journal.

Carrie will be writing a monthly Food Blog to lead and inspire – so watch this space.
Carrie has demonstrated that once you make your mind up to make a positive change….. you can achieve anything and inspire others to do the same.