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Staff Members

Simon Green – Chief Executive Officer

Simon first encountered MK YMCA in 1999 when his best friend and sister were both residents here.  He came to work for the organisation as Housing Manager in 2009 before taking on the role of Director of Operations in 2015 and now Chief Executive Officer.  Simon is passionate about making MK YMCA a safe, supportive and inspiring place for young people to live.

Sonya Correntin – Front Desk Administrator

Sonya is the face of the YMCA, after all, she is the very person who will meet and greet you. Sonya believes it is vital to her role to offer a friendly welcome and smile, listen to what is being said and therefore enable every person that comes into the YMCA to feel at ease.  She delivers exceptional customer service, with an enthusiastic and caring attitude which involves advice, signposting, dealing with payments, maintenance issues and conference bookings.

Kathy Howard – Housing Manager

Kathy is the Housing Manager for MKYMCA prior to this she ran the Winter Night Shelter for 2 years, Kathy has worked in housing for several years and has worked with a number of different client groups. Kathy believes that young people need a little help, a little hope and someone who believes in them – to enable them to move forward in their lives – which is what the YMCA is all about. She manages the day to day running of the emergency hostel and residential flats.

Shazia Chaudhary – Housing Support Officer

Shazia has worked for the YMCA for the past 12 years, she is passionate about the YMCA and loves her colleagues.  She works as a Houusing Support Officer, directly influencing and changing people’s lives through practical help and support. She specialises in debt advice and money management, as a money mentor and teaches others through weekly sessions by working with UK Online Centres.

Elizabeth Sabey – Housing Support Officer

Elizabeth is passionate  about helping young people reach their full potential in life and this is why she has worked for the YMCA for the past 11 years.  Elizabeth works as a Housing Support Officer and also offers therapeutic help to those who are struggling with issues including trauma, PTSD, panic attacks, anxiety, phobias, suicidal thoughts and tendencies, self-harm, addictions and depression.  She trained with the PSA accredited Human Givens College of Psychotherapy and Counselling.

Ruba Khan – Housing Support Officer

Ruba has been at the YMCA 2012.   As a Housing Support Officer she supports residents with independent living skills and to sustain their tenancies.  Her previous work as a Benefits Advisor enables Ruba to help keen to inspire residents to live healthy lives and never doubt their ability in making and achieving their ambitions. ‘Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come.’

Charlotte Bell – Housing Support Officer

Charlotte is a Sousing Support Officer and has been working at the YMCA for about three years. Charlotte has a passion for promoting equal opportunities and the safety of residents, she became to realise this after completing her degree in Social and Community Development and researching young people and homelessness. Charlotte’s moto – “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight”.

Margaret Carrington–Housing Support Officer

Mags comes with years of experience working with the vulnerable groups in society ranging from care leavers, mother and babies, refugees and asylum seekers  but to name a few. She is responsible for the delivery of support, advice and guidance to the residents and hostel service users and her driving passion is making sure that all YMCA individuals are delivered a service that will build and maintain their independency.

Jenni Birch – Housing Support Officer

Jenni is a Housing Support Officer. Having previously served as a Police Officer in the Metropolitan Police Service, she is experienced in dealing with vulnerable groups and being faced with difficult and challenging situations. Also a qualified Personal Trainer, Jenni is eager to assist the residents at the YMCA build and sustain their tenancies whilst setting them achievable and realistic goals in order to help them build a positive future.

Jenna Rowson – Housing Support Officer

Jenna is the newest member of the team and is already really enjoying the new experience that they YMCA has offered her. Her previous experience as a Specialist Job Coach where she supported people into employment and her passion to support people to progress puts her in a great position to make a real difference. Jenna supports residents in sustaining their tenancies with the YMCA and promoting them to a better future.