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Find out how YMCA MK is helping Adam reach his potential

Adam arrived in the UK 2 years ago. Initially he lived in a shared house with other young people seeking asylum and had access to a support worker. However, when he turned 18, he moved to a local shared property.

This property was unsuitable for Adam. He was living with older people with complex needs. He did not feel safe in his room and the property was constantly noisy. This made it very difficult to study and Adam was tired from lack of sleep.

He asked the council for support, and they suggested YMCA MK, he has been here for nearly 1 year now and feels very much at home.

Adam was supported and encouraged by staff to take his GCSEs at MK College and they have supported him to access level 3 courses and a bursary which will enable him to pursue his dream to go to university. Adam has offers from universities to study Biomedical Sciences and wants to get a job as a clinical scientist.

His study takes up a lot of time but whenever possible he goes to the gym.

The environment at YMCA MK has been supportive and calm and this has given Adam the space he needed to achieve his goals. Staff have helped and encouraged him where possible and he feels like he is able to achieve his potential in this environment.

Adam is excited about his future, talking about YMCA MK Adam said.

“YMCA feels like home. My journey has changed my perspective, and I am proud of what I have achieved in 2 years.”