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Reimagining a fairer society

YMCA MK facilitated an amazing Hope Hack event which provided a great insight on mental health for young people. The day was filled with inspiring speeches, amazing performances, and important discussions.

The event shed light on young people’s thoughts, with raw and honest talks about mental health provision and what could be done better by the government to support them. Some of the solutions that the groups mentioned included: increased social media regulations, funding youth clubs, more mental health support in schools and the decriminalization of vulnerable people. They also identified that when in the hospital, due to staff shortages, they do not receive enough emotional support and would like to see a designated person in the hospital to help in this way. These ideas will be fed into The Hope Collective’s Manifesto- to inspire, change and provide hope for the future.

“Young people get in trouble for problems they have in their lives, often they might be struggling with undiagnosed needs such as mental ill health or neurodivergence. And when they are diagnosed, they’re often left without support”. – Young Person

The theme that ran through all discussions was the importance of having “one person who really cares”, someone there to support them to change the trajectory of their lives. This was echoed in the inspirational speeches delivered by key speakers, who each had ‘that person’ who supported them to achieve their goals, inspired them, and who really cared.

One of our mentees who took part in the workshop “It is so cool and well organised, and if only every day at school was this fun and interactive…then maybe I would go!”.

Thank you to everyone who attended.

We hope we can continue giving young people equal voice and decision-making power when we develop new ideas, activities, policies, or services.

Find out more about The Hope Collective here.