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Find out how YMCA MK supported Veronica with more than just accommodation

Veronica arrived at YMCA Milton Keynes after moving to Milton Keynes with her family. When she arrived back in Milton Keynes with her mum and twin brother, they were unable to find stable accommodation. They were all living in temporary accommodation at Gulliver’s Land. This was unsettling and stressful as they had to move every week depending on the availability of the short-term holiday lets, not all of which were appropriate, and included lodges/tents. At times all the family were in one room and there was a real lack of privacy.

Veronica had been completing an OU degree, but she needed to stop for health reasons. Although her mum and brother were working – finding affordable accommodation in Milton Keynes was challenging.

Veronica came to the YMCA because she needed stable accommodation, but the holistic support available, including employment support, was a huge bonus.

When she arrived, Veronica thought she needed to find a job as soon as possible and focus on earning money. She soon realised that she had other issues regarding her mental health and misuse of alcohol that she needed support with before she was ‘job-ready’.

Veronica has found support readily available at YMCA MK.

She feels she can talk freely to Supported Housing Coach, Jack, about anything that is on her mind. She finds talking to Jack helpful as he listens without judgement and is always understanding. She also finds it helpful to talk to him about cultural issues. When she was going through a particularly difficult time and was involved with the Criminal Justice System, she has been very grateful for the support of staff at YMCA MK.

Veronica has used our Mental Wealth service; she finds it helpful knowing it is available if needed.

She also gets involved in all activities and particularly enjoys the runs which give her a real sense of achievement. Her goal is to encourage more female residents to get involved in physical activities.

Since coming to YMCA MK Veronica has realised, she wants to do something meaningful in her community.

“Employment is a big thing for me, I have realised I don’t want to pursue a career in finance but want to give something back to my community.”

She has become a Youth Ambassador and has had some amazing opportunities that have supported her ambitions. She has worked closely with Tayler, Youth and Community Manager, as a Youth Ambassador and has even had the opportunity to speak at parliament about issues affecting young people, specifically youth homelessness and mental health. Although she found this a nerve-wracking experience, she loved the experience and was proud to speak about something she feels passionate about.

She is also involved in Citizens MK, a local group that discusses local issues such as street fighting / food banks / affordable housing. She has found the opportunity to meet others fulfilling and this group makes her feel connected to her city.

Veronica is looking forward to getting involved in the Hope Hack which is happening next week.

Although Veronica still has moments when she does not feel her best, she knows she has the support of the YMCA MK staff who can help her through challenging times.

Talking about YMCA Veronica said:

“YMCA means stability and finally getting the holistic support I need in my life.”