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YMCA MK and Northamptonshire are committed to becoming a Youth Led Organisation. This means giving young people equal voice and decision-making power when we develop new ideas, activities, policies, or services. A good way to think about it is ‘nothing about them without them’.

To support our youth participation programme we are delighted to be holding a Hope Hack event on March 27th.

The Hope Collective campaign was formed as part of the 20th anniversary of Damilola Taylor and is dedicated to young people and their aspirational stories of ambition and hope. The Hope Collective, and partner organisation YMCA MK, will bring young people together to explore and develop innovative solutions to societal challenges.

The top-line issue we are exploring this year is Mental Health. We will seek the views of young people on four themes that are important to the city and young people. The themes are:

  1. Mental Health, Culture and Ethnicity.
  2. Mental Health and Social Class/ Cost of Living.
  3. Mental Health and Community Safety.
  4. Mental Health and Age.

These topics will be discussed on the day, with each group feeding back and presenting their ideas & solutions, to their peers and decision-makers from across the city. The Youth Mayor, Mayoress, government representatives and influential people from the youth sector will be attending to hear what the young people have to say. This will form part of a national conversation and feed into a Manifesto of Hope in December.

It is a privilege to be hosting a Hope Hack event at YMCA Milton Keynes. These workshops highlight the positive influence young people can have and we look forward to welcoming you.’ Tayler Tookey, Youth & Community Manager.

Find out more about The Hope Collective here.