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YMCA MK Digital Academy

We know that there is a growing need for digital training, a recent article in the Evening Standard found that there is an increasing ‘digital skills deficit’ in the UK. In response YMCA MK have launched our own Digital Academy with the primary goal of supporting residents develop the digital skills they need today. The programme will be co-produced with residents but will include Microsoft skills, basic coding and design.

“The tasks were helpful because they reminded me of the basics. I’m looking forward to using these skills to help me in the duration of this course.”

Student, Digital Academy.

According to research by the Government;
• One-third of vacancies are difficult to fill, in part because of a lack of appropriate digital skills.
• Digital skills are an essential entry requirement for two-thirds of UK jobs.
• Baseline digital skills are a near universal entry requirement for all jobs.

The YMCA Digital Academy will be pivotal in supporting young people to achieve their goals, either by learning a new skill or boosting their employability. Weekly sessions, off campus, provide the opportunity for learning and peer support.

Our young people have already been engaging with our Digital Academy and it has been great to see how their confidence is already growing as they learn from one another.

“By celebrating the International Day of Education, one advocates for access to education. In 2024 YMCA MK is taking a step in the right direction by starting our own Digital Academy. I am very excited about this project and hopefully will be able to support young people in developing their digital skills that help them not only in securing employment but also serve as tools to express their ideas and creativity.”

– Patrick Aigner, Digital Content Creator.


A Big Thank You to MK College

We couldn’t have started our new programme without the generous support of MK College. The Tech Park at the South Central Institute of Technology on Bletchley campus offers a modern and professional setting. By providing not just an amazing location to use but also the hardware and software necessary to teach young people digital skills, the support of their friendly and skilled staff has been invaluable.