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Find out how YMCA MK supported Ethan to work towards his employment goals.

Ethan came to the YMCA MK in 2023. He had suffered a breakdown in family relationships, and this led to mental health challenges.

In the 4 months that Ethan has been living at YMCA MK he feels that his mental health has improved and he is able to be more of a ‘social butterfly.’ Ethan has formed good relationships with Yas and Sam as they were friendly and able to cheer him up.

Ethan was keen to get into work, especially within the hospitality industry. Gail supported him in this by helping him gain a position at HomeGround. She helped him with his application, interview preparation and ensured he was ready to complete the relevant Food Health and Safety Qualification.

Ethan feels that HomeGround is the perfect opportunity for him as it feels “small and personal” whilst providing the necessary skills. He also finds his role fulfilling as he feels he is making a positive difference by supporting the work of YMCA MK.

Ethan aspires to become a chef one day with his own catering business, HomeGround will be the perfect stepping stone to gain experience and provide a solid foundation for his future goals. Although Ethan feels nervous about the grand reopening, he is looking forward to it – hoping to learn from Remi and develop his skills.

Talking about HomeGround Ethan said:

“HomeGround will boost my confidence and give me the professional skills I need for the future.”