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Be ‘that person’ for young people in Milton Keynes

Most of us have one. I’m sure a name sprang to mind when you started reading this. ‘That person’. The one who helped you become who you are today. It might be a relative, a close friend, a partner. A teacher who noticed your true potential. Or a colleague that encouraged you to step outside your comfort zone. Whoever it was, you know that they’ll always have a special place in your heart – because they helped you to find your place in the world.

That kind of support is vital when you are a young person. It’s the kind of support you can give to young people of the future by supporting YMCA.

We are excited to be launching a campaign in partnership with YMCA England and Wales to highlight some of the challenges faced by young people today and how you can be ‘that person’ who enables them to achieve their potential and thrive.

We spoke to Simon Green, CEO at YMCA MK, about who ‘that person’ was for him.

‘In all honesty I would have to say my mum and dad. My parents installed a work ethic in me and my mum in particular is a big advocate of the underdog and tries to support people who have less advantages than we did. This is something we try to do at YMCA MK, instil that work ethic, and encourage our residents to care for each other and themselves.’

Keep your eye out for our campaign which you will see around Milton Keynes over the next month.

If you would like to find out more about supporting YMCA click here.