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Daniel came to YMCA MK in 2021. He had left the family home after a breakdown in the relationship with his family. He was sofa-surfing for more than a year and at some points spent time in a tent. Daniel was at a very low point, without any support or secure housing it was very difficult for him to look after himself properly and he was feeling depressed and out of control when someone suggested he try YMCA MK.

He moved into Stage 1, Supported Living, but he did not want to leave the safety of his room when he arrived. He was feeling very angry and unable to cope.

With the support of the employment and activities team Daniel took up a training opportunity. He surprised himself by taking this up and felt this was a ‘lightbulb moment’ in turning in his life around. The team provided ongoing support and encouragement while Daniel continued to work.

Although this project only lasted 6 months, the effect was profound; it improved his confidence and made him want to join in as many activities as possible at YMCA MK. He now does most physical activities and wants to take advantage of all the opportunities on offer.

Daniel is still not sure what he wants to do long-term so is making the most of what he can while here and throwing himself into things. He is looking forward to completing his bronze Duke of Edinburgh and is participating in a customer service course.

After a couple of years at YMCA MK Daniel now feels ‘pretty good in myself’, he enjoys the community feel on campus. He feels more sociable and more confident, although he enjoys gaming and his own company he wants to join in now and hopes this will support him to find a job in time.

‘Staff have helped but I can’t put it all in words. They are there if you need and you can approach anyone. There is always someone to talk to.’