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We’re facing a national housing crisis, and one of the most pressing issues is a severe shortage of social housing; in MK alone over 2,000 people are on the housing waiting list and an estimated 2,392 are sofa-surfing. The Government has hugely underinvested in social housing development for decades and largely left new property development to the private market which has not sufficiently focused on providing affordable homes.  The shortage of social housing has forced many people on low incomes into private rentals, which often pushes them into unacceptable circumstances, such as overcrowded or poor-quality homes.

Our homes are fundamental to our health and wellbeing, impacting our physical and mental health. Improving the quality and availability of social housing and relieving the stress caused by poor quality homes is an investment in people’s health and wellbeing – for now and in the future.

YMCA MK provides a home and support services for an average of over 400 young people every year, however the shortage of affordable homes for young people in Milton Keynes presents a challenge for young people who are ready to move on. We are aiming to provide additional and affordable high-quality homes for young people in communities across MK, enabling us to continue supporting young people as a caring landlord and ensuring they have access to decent homes.

Read our Strategic Plan here.

‘We have spent the last few years creating a campus to provide excellent homes for young adults who need us – our biggest single problem is that most of these young people cannot find homes of similar quality and affordability when they leave us. As a society we have been failing our young people for too long’ Simon Green, CEO YMCA MK.

We spoke to one of our residents about the problems faced by young people looking to move out of YMCA MK.

‘Moving out of the Y and losing the support available is already difficult, but with private rental so high even without bills, it is no wonder mental health is bad. Our choices feel limited, some people have to move back in with parents, some take a room in a house share, which is often of really poor quality, and I even know young people who stay in abusive relationships because they don’t feel they can afford not to.’

As a society, we have a moral responsibility to make sure everyone has a decent, affordable home.

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