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“I have lived at the YMCA MK for nearly three years now, and in that time I have worked really hard to kick start my dream career by joining the police force.

It all began when I was much younger and I encountered a female officer who was so compassionate and kind. She made me feel heard and seemed to truly care about helping me. That taught me that policing was more than just arresting people, and from then on, I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

I went on to study Investigative Psychology at university and did forensic courses online in my spare time. I want to become a detective one day.

With some support from YMCA staff, I applied to multiple police forces, I was so determined. I got knocked back so many times and I couldn’t understand why. Finally, I was accepted into a police force and my training began. It was extremely intense but I wouldn’t let myself give up. I noticed that males and females dealt with the training in different ways. I am a petite woman, so physically, a lot of people could overpower me. This made me nervous when I started my role. But I soon realised that I had a different skillset, I’m a great communicator and I could use that to deescalate a dangerous situation. Just like the first female officer that I encountered all those years ago, I was making people feel heard and understood. Women really bring a whole new side to policing. I am proud to be a female in the force.

I love what I do every day and feel excited for my shifts. That’s how I know I am meant to be doing this- it really is my dream job”.

Elizabeth, YMCA MK resident and inspirational woman.