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On Tuesday 20 September this year a group of residents set out on an incredible expedition to climb Mount Snowdon in Wales.

Step 1

Training began at the beginning of the year, starting with short local walks around campus in Central Milton Keynes and local lakes such as Willen, to introduce residents to walking short distances.

Step 2

Residents then progressed to training walks beyond the local area, such as Dunstable Downs and Barton Springs, to improve stamina and get residents used to climbing hills.

Step 3

Residents planned the expedition in group sessions, thinking about the logistics of the trip, including where to stay, what to eat and how to travel. The skills learnt in these planning sessions were vital for personal development and will support residents in their employment journey.

The day of the climb could not have been more positive, the weather and conditions were perfect for climbing and the group of residents were enthusiastic and supportive of each other. Although the climb was hugely challenging the group made it to the peak in just over three hours.

Staff were impressed with the positive attitude of all involved and the amazing achievement of getting the whole team to the summit and back down again in one piece!

Comments from residents;

“I felt proud and it gave me a feeling of having done something difficult and worthwhile.”

“I felt challenged physically and mentally, supported and encouraged, and everything in between. Mark and Rob are good role models.”

“I felt tired and my legs hurt – but I feel good and proud.”

Walks were well attended and walking group quickly became one of the most popular weekly activities. These walks were great for improving mental health, making new friends and encouraging physical activity.

We were delighted that the local community supported this incredible expedition, with EMW Law, The Alpkit Foundation and The MK Community Foundation funding the equipment needed for such a challenge, such as walking boots, rucksacks and waterproofs.

We hope our residents are as proud of themselves as we are of them and cannot wait to see what they decide to take on next.