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Sharifa moved into the YMCA in February 2020. She was furloughed from work due to the pandemic but wanted to change her career and move into midwifery. Sharifa was assigned one of our Employment Coaches, Suzie. After a few employment coaching sessions, Sharifa developed a career plan that would help her work towards her goal of becoming a midwife.

Through a relationship that YMCA MK has built with local company, PJ Care, we were able to arrange an interview for Sharifa for a carers position. This would give her the opportunity to start gaining experience in the health and social care sector, which she would need to have when applying for a midwifery apprenticeship. 

Suzie supported Sharifa with writing her CV and provided interview skills training. We knew Sharifa would make a great carer and were really pleased when she told us she had been offered the full-time role with PJ Care! 

We wish Sharifa every success on her new career path.